Fun Despite Diabetes

My friends ask me why my job, family and fitness have been doing so well recently, although I have diabetes. The reason is a highly intelligent software that monitors my diabetes on systems with artificial intelligence and informs me very inconspicuously. 

So I have my therapy under control like never before. I'll keep the secret for myself first. And my friends admire my regained energy and performance.

An app for your health and fitness

The question we have asked ourselves is what possibilities are there to simplify life with diabetes. We put the focus on people who live an active life and do not always have time to monitor their diabetes. In short, we were looking for solutions that allow the diabetes to be forgotten and to dedicate oneself to the things that are just important to you and which require all the attention.

The diafyt App does exactly that – monitors your diabetes and only notifies you if you have to intervene. We measure your blood sugar and transmit the data wirelessly to your Smartphone. Artificial intelligence helps in the background and detects deviations in advance and can alert you in time.

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Artificial intelligence simplifies the live of people with diabetes

Every person is different and so does our way of life. Therefore, it is difficult to develop an app that fits all people with diabetes alike. The Diafyt app uses an algorithm that calculates the diabetic metabolism in order to meet the individual characteristics. The properties (parameters) are individually customizable. We use an artificial intelligence software that learns optimal parameterization over time and thus perfectly reforms your personal metabolism

Artificial intelligence, like your brain, learns from events and applies these experiences in the future. The DIAFYT artificial intelligence exchanges experiences and thus learns even faster and can even react later to events that occur with you for the first time. This enables better therapy success and safety. 

Financed by the European Union, the Freistaat Sachsen and private research funding

Today, the diabetic patient himself calculates his insulin quantity, errors in the calculation lead to health damage and high consequential costs. Optimal management of blood glucose levels in people with diabetes (lack or insufficient insulin production for blood glucose control) is complicated. Diabetes patients have so far learned how to calculate insulin requirements. Often, however, this self-calculation is faulty and leads to severe health problems. The insulin quantity calculation could not be developed successfully so far. Products such as an artificial pancreas are not possible without calculating the quantity of insulin.


Diafyt is a research and development project aiming to mathematically reproduce the diabetic function of the human pancreas in such a way that a fully automatic insulin dose is made possible in the sense of an artificial pancreas. The basic objective is the development of a software-supported therapy with which the patient positively influences his illness in such a way that a side-effect-free, healthy similar lifestyle is possible. In addition to the automatic bolus calculation, this includes influencing the patient's diet and fitness in order to achieve an overall improvement in the health picture (digital diabetes therapy).


The R&D project ("Diafyt, Mathematical Modeling and Simulation") involves the development of a mathematical algorithm, the simulation of the calculation and the detection of clinical significance. The methodology used combines cybernetics and artificial intelligence (mathematical statistical information) with the use of real and virtual sensors to a novel solution.


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